Sustainability Solutions for Business Success

Packaging Sustainability
Circular Economy
Climate Strategy

We believe a sustainability strategy needs to be owned and endorsed by senior leadership to create a competitive advantage.

We provide support for executives and leaders to integrate sustainability into the company strategy and find sustainable solutions for today's challenges to business success.

We develop practical measures and help create a game plan to balance what you need to do with what you want to do for business and sustainability leadership.


Global Strategic Sustainability Expertise

Packaging Sustainability

Zero plastics, zero waste, renewable packaging, certified raw materials, alternative plastics, recyclable materials, packaging roadmaps, packaging climate impact, legal compliance, SUPD


Circular Economy

Recycling, reuse, second life, reusable solutions, circular design, digitally enabled materials, regenerative systems, outdesign linear solutions


Climate Strategy

Packaging climate solutions, CO2 reductions & offsets,  Carbon footprint toolkit, Science Based Targets, Paris Agreement, Corporate carbon footprint, Climate strategy development


Key Services

Solving sustainability challenges for businesses and organizations

Discover the sustainability solutions to drive your business success

Improve your long-term business growth and market differentiation through sustainability leadership

Future-prove your business strategy with the latest developments in sustainability

Provide focus on product innovation, stakeholder expectations, employee engagement, risk management, legal compliance, internal & external stakeholder communication

Develop specific issue solutions,
individual sustainability project management,  sustainability strategy, project support as sub-contractor, stakeholder & issue management


Some achievements and success stories

Packaging Sustainability

100% Renewable Packaging

Created and implemented a pan-European roadmap and action plan to move the service packaging portfolio of a global fast food brand towards 100% renewable and certified materials.

Circular Economy

Zero Waste Guidelines

Developed and implemented action plan with waste reduction measures and established minimum recycling standards across most European markets to achieve zero waste in restaurants.

Climate Strategy & Stakeholder management

Amazon Soy Moratorium

Facilitated a multi-stakeholder platform to successfully stop soy from being a key driver for deforestation in the Amazon.

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A partner-led boutique consultancy with a focus on solving sustainability challenges for businesses and organizations and connecting a global network of sustainability experts

Dr Rolf Huwyler

A chemist who has found his passion in sustainability and music with two decades of European and international experience in Sustainability & CSR across food, packaging and consumer brand, specializing in climate strategy, circular economy and packaging sustainability.

Else Krueck

A dedicated and results-driven leader with over 20 years of sustainability management experience for a global brand and the ability to translate issues into actions that make economic, operational and sustainability sense and the skill to negotiate into successful strategies with multi-stakeholder groups.

Partners Network

A network of sustainability service providers, agencies and experts & professionals helping to
create successful solutions for specific sustainability challenges to your business, organization, product or issue.


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