Circular Economy

Service options

Recycling solutions

Identify cost-effective and sustainable recycling options for single product/items

Circular systems

Establish best actions game plan for reducing waste and optimizing recycling to meet legislative and sustainability challenges


Development of holistic zero waste strategy from packaging design to recycling /reuse of materials


Packaging Sustainability

Some service options

Packaging systems

Holistic (re-)design of single packaging items or packaging systems to meet current and future sustainability and business requirements

Plastic reduction

Eliminating/reducing unnecessary packaging and finding plastic alternatives from renewable and sustainable resources

Packaging strategy development

Development of packaging strategy, incl. portfolio analysis and implementation roadmaps


Climate Strategy

Service options

Measurement & reporting

Establish greenhouse gas measurement and reporting systems toolkit to monitor targets for product or system

Target setting & Climate strategy

Develop Climate strategy to include CO2 neutrality or Greenhouse gas emission reductions

Goal setting with science- based target development, implementation roadmap and reduction measures

Climate projects

Identify climate project for CO2 reduction/ offsets to meet legislative and sustainability challenges for individual products/items

Reference Portfolio

Success stories and experience

Circular Economy

Zero Waste Guidelines

Toolkit for implementing waste reduction measures consistently across Europe for global restaurant brand

Packaging Sustianability

100% Renewable Packaging Strategy

European Packaging strategy development for global restaurant brand

Packaging Sustainability

Sustainable Forestry Guidelines

Multi stakeholder initiative to define sustainable paper buying principles

Sustainability Strategy

Environmental and CSR strategy development

Implementation for international Brand on European, Global and market-level 

Management Systems

Environmental Management System

for complex core business structures with established minimum standards, recycling and carbon reduction roadmaps and targets

Climate Strategy

Carbon Foot-printing Toolkit & Global Carbon Reduction Targets

Science based targets development for global brand, carbon measurement and reporting system 

Energy efficiency

Green Building Guidelines

Silver, Gold, Platinum - Energy and other utility efficiency guidelines using payback period labels

Supply Chain

Toy Sustainability

Workplace conditions, batteries, toy packaging

Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Targets & Practices

Supply Chain

Coffee Sustainability Certification

Supply Chain

Animal Welfare / Free range eggs


Sustainable Logistics

Alternative fuels and refrigerants, data & reporting system


Stakeholder Management

NGO issue management

Stakeholder Management

Amazon Soy / European Soy Working Group)

Climate Strategy

HFC-free Refrigerants

Packaging Sustainability

WWF Guide to Buying Paper



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